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When Deontay Wilder's promotional team called me and asked me to be his photographer the day Tuscaloosa gave him a parade in celebration of him bringing another title to Titletown, I was thrilled! I might have gone to this event anyway. Now I get to hang out with Deontay while he gets to bask in the glory of the rewards all of his hard work has brought him. I get a pass that get me into doors the press can't even get into. What a deal!






Commercial photography can be fun and exciting, but there is also work involved. It can be very difficult at times. One of the main things the client requested on this commercial photography job was to send them pictures real time so that their people could post immediately on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. For me that means syncing my camera to my phone and finding time to review and text selected pictures to the social media gurus all while running along side a moving parade. Let me tell you, parades only seem to move slowly when you don't have to run beside them.


After having spent that day following the champ around I was left with such a great impression of him. After a long day featuring a parade and presentation at The Tuscaloosa Amphetheater, Deontay Wilder was taking pictures with and signing autographs for friends and VIP in a private area. When he was told he needed to go out and talk to the press his response was, "Not until everyone who wants a picture gets a picture." He truly cares more about the fans even when the cameras aren't on him. He has since brought heavyweight championship fights back to Alabama and promised to keep training right here in Tuscaloosa at Skyy Boxing. Tuscaloosa is lucky to have such a loyal champion!


So many titles have been won by Tuscaloosa, Alabama athletes that Tuscaloosa is now well know as Title Town, Titletown or T-Town.  These titles include: 16 NCAA Football National Championships, 6 NCAA Women's Gymnastics National Championships, 2 NCAA Men's Golf National Championships, 1 NCAA Women's Golf National Championship and 1 NCAA Softball Championship. That is the most National Championships of any single city, in the U.S. 26 Total Team National Championships is really something to be proud of! One can hardly walk around Tuscaloosa without tripping over another trophy. #FirstWorldProblem Those are all University of Alabama NCAA Division 1 titles. If you are thinking there are some champions being left out here, you are absolutely right! One of the Tuscaloosa champions not on that list is Deontay Wilder, the WBC Heavyweight Champion of the World! That puts our own Deontay Wilder in the company of boxers like, Muhammad Ali, Joe Frazier, George Foreman, Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield. What an accomplishment! Congratulations Deontay!