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family photography investment

Family photography sessions start at $150 for up to one hour, but we have a $99 special this week! You don’t have to do your session this week, we just need to get you set up this week to get you in on the special. After the sitting fee there is a $100 minimum order. You can get professionally retouched and printed pictures starting at $12 and those include social media sized digitals. Social media sized images will look good on social media but don’t have the resolution to print well and don’t come with printing rights.

But, these days people are mostly looking for digitals. That’s why the most popular package is Digital Package A. 

Digital Package A includes 75+ full resolution edited digital images and 20 professionally retouched full resolution digital images for $399.

Digital Package B includes 30 full resolution edited digital images and 7 professionally retouched full resolution digital images for $249. 

Digital Package C includes 20 full resolution digital images for $175. 

All full resolution digital images include rights to print or distribute any way you would like.

If you would like to ask what the difference is between edited and retouched images, I’m glad you almost asked! Edited images are adjusted for color, darkness, cropping and some other technical things. Retouched images have skin blemishes retouched, stray hairs removed, stains on clothing taken out, wardrobe malfunctions fixed, skin smoothed and cars, people and red solo cups removed from the background. There really is a big difference. This is something you should be really careful about when looking around at different photographers. Many just offer editing and that can be confusing. 

Call for specials! We often have a special deal if you just call and ask!

Reviews from our happy clients

"I'm so glad you love your career and are willing to go above and beyond to get the best pictures. The black and white photos were awesome, some of the best I've ever seen. You immediately put Sarah Ann and Major (the family pet) at ease, and captured the happy, full of life girl that is so special to us. Thank you for making such a special memory for our family. We will cherish the photos for many years to come."
Ashley Everroad
Tuscaloosa, Alabama
“You took the most amazing pictures! We just couldn’t believe it when we saw them. Everything was just perfect. Brenda even said her wedding was everything she could have dreamed it could be. For that we thank you. You made everyone so comfortable we just couldn’t help but have a great time.”
Susan Banks
Birmingham, Alabama

How can we be of assistance?

If you would like to have your own family portraits like something you see above, give us a call! If you would like to create something different, give us a call! Your free consultation is just a call away.

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